Fun ATM Bank Money Saving Box

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Fun ATM Bank Money Saving Safe

Starting a Saving Habit early enables your kids to be aware of money and its value.

By giving them a certain amount of money and having the child to deposit into the ATM Bank Money Saving Safe daily, it allows children to see the power of saving when they start to see a small sum of money turning into a huge amount of money. 

Educate the child on the compounding effect by giving them an additional amount of interest returns, say 5% of the total amount they have in their piggy bank at the end of every month to let them feel and experiences the Magic of compounding interest. 

Parents and Children will be surprised on the Return of Investment after a certain period of time.

The ATM Bank Money Saving Safe comes with automatic Paper Money Scroll. 

Putting the money on the Scroll and it will roll up the notes into the machine automatically.

Helping your child to develop the mindset of becoming a good money manager rather than a good money spender. 

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