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Find out here Why there was a recent Delay in Shipping
Find out here Why there was a recent Delay in Shipping

Baby Safety U-Corner Protector Strip

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A kid, being kids will always have many unexpected ways of exploring the environment. There are times when parents have no way to control any unforeseen situation which may result in serious injury. 

Did you know;
  • The moment our toddler starts to move around themselves, parents should start to plan necessary safety measure immediately.
  • Parents need to place great emphasis on having quality protection products to ensure their kids are well protected.
  • A toddler by natural is curious about everything. A toddler curiosity and sense of awareness to explore the environment at about 6 months onwards, using their 5 senses and sense of touch is an essential aid in their development. 
Ensuring necessary safety precautions have been taken into consideration is parents responsibility. We may not always be able to react on time in preventing an accident from happening. Not having a proper safety plan compromise the safety for our child well-being. 

Implementation (PAF) Preventative Action First) is a good way to start.
Rather than to face the consequences after accidents happened, why not setup necessary preventive measures first?

To create a well protected and safe environment allows your child to explore and have fun. Watching them grow up is definitely a joyful moment for all parents.  

The feature of a Protection Strip:
  • Suitable to use and apply on edges of tables, feature wall edges, wall corners, bed frame and cabinet corner TV console edges, glass table.
  • Product made using high elasticity material.
  • The material is non-toxic, odorless.
  • Protection features to reduce the impact of babies and toddlers from bumping onto sharp and hard edges during their toddler years while learning to crawl and walk.
  • You can DIY using a scissor to customize into any shape to meet your needs.
  • Various colors and type to choose from to protect and blend it into your home design.

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