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Find out here Why there was a recent Delay in Shipping
What is Montessori Education?

What is Montessori Education?

Montessori is an education method focus on independent hands-on interaction and collaborative learning. During Montessori teaching, kids will have the opportunities to make creative choices, while the teacher conduct fitting activities to direct the process. Children will play in groups as well as individually to discover and explore their creativity to enhance their maximum potential.

The Montessori learning environment is commonly designed beautifully to meet the needs of children of various ages. Dr. Maria Montessori, the founder of Montessori method observed that having experiential learning in this type of environment can lead the children into a deeper understanding of mathematics, social interactions, language, science, music, art and many more.

Each learning toy placed in a Montessori environment promotes an aspect of the child personal development. It creates a match between the child’s desire passion and the possible activities. Children can acquire different kinds of experience through various activity at their own pace. They can react at any moment to anything that interests them and builds a solid foundation for life-long learning.

Montessori environments foster the learning of children starting from childbirth.

From newborn till 3 years old it provides an engaging environment for the child to promote trust in their ability and develop confidence in their emerging capabilities. It develops their motor skill, coordination and language skills. It offers opportunities for the child to be independent to do daily tasks.

At the aged of 3 to 6 years, it nurtures the growth of practical independence,  persistence, and self-control. Montessori learning comes with a different variety of elements for cultivating sensory perception, literacy, and mathematical knowledge. It provides the kids with opportunities for imaginative exploration, leading to building up their self-confident and creative expression.

When the child reaches between 6 to 12 years there is the collaborative intellectual exploration for the child to support their development on self-confidence, imagination, intellectual independence, and self-efficacy.

Above all, the Montessori environment nurtures on each child’s strengths and passion. Montessori education continues to brighten children to explore their world in a whole new perspective, to appreciate and respect all lifeform and to become a person with character.
What is your view on the Montessori method and are there other methods which can help kids to enhances their creative way of learning? 
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