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Find out here Why there was a recent Delay in Shipping
Find out here Why there was a recent Delay in Shipping
How to use the thermometer the right way

How to use the thermometer the right way

How to use the thermometer

When using the thermometer for the first time, You will need to remove the battery’s cover and insert the batteries.

1. Take temperature via the forehead

Press the Measure button to power on.

Hold the Measure button, scan the forehead from one side to the other side and then release the button. Once the beep is heard, you can see the value appearing.

2. Taking temperature via the ear

Press the Measure button to power on. 

Take off the probe cover, fit the probe snuggly into the ear canal. Press and release the Measure button in 1 second. Once the beep sound is heard, you can see the value appearing.

Child under 1 year: Pull the ear straight back. 

Child aged 1 year to adult: Pull the ear up and back.

3. Taking room and object temperature

When the thermometer is power off, press the Memory/Mute-unmute button for 3 seconds until it shows a House sign.

Then press the Measure button to measure. Keep the thermometer about 1-5cm away from the object.

Press and release the Measure button in 1 second, the beep is heard, you can now read the value.




4.Checking 35 sets of memory data 

When the thermometer is turned on or power off, by pressing the Memory/Mute-unmute button to go to the memory mode, press the same button again to verify the 35 sets of stored memories. If no value, it will display “----M”.

5.℃/℉ conversion 

Open the battery cover.use the toggle switch to change the ℃/℉.


6.Switch between mute and unmute

When the thermometer is turned on, press and hold the Memory/Mute-unmute button for 2-3 seconds to switch from unmute to mute.



7.  Turning Off

The thermometer will shut down automatically shortly after 10 seconds of use. Alternatively, you can press and hold the Measure button for 5-7 seconds to shut it down.


Safety precautions  

1. Keep the thermometer in a cool and safe place that is not reachable for your child.

2. It is recommended to clean the thermometer probe after use (Using an alcohol swab or cotton swab moistened with 70% alcohol to clean the thermometer casing and the measuring probe. You can use it again after the alcohol is completely dried

3. Do not use the thermometer if the baby ear is infected with otitis or suppuration. Instead, use the forehead function to measure their temperature.

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